Passenger Ships & Yachts

It is hard to find someone who has not dreamed at least once to be on the deck of a snow-white passenger liner or a high-speed luxury yacht!

The most important aspect of fulfilling this dream for your crew, customers, clients and guests is the quality of service. This is precisely why we have painstakingly developed a special approach for passenger vessels; super yachts and their principals. Indeed, this area of our operations is where we are increasingly receiving referral business from. Years of working experience with passenger vessels and yacht management companies have allowed us to refine our approach to competently address a myriad of problems and challenges related to the maintenance of these premium-class complex vessels.


Naturally, over time, we have cultivated excellent working relationships with many shipyards and in the process, we cooperate with original manufacturers. The advantages of these direct connections are clear – and do not simply include cost savings. For example, one particular area where we excel is crew workwear and uniforms for ship’s restaurants and hotel employees. We can deliver all necessary fabric and supplies to reflect the cleanliness and efficiency of the image these premium vessels project.

In absolute accordance with your wishes, company regulations and administrative demands, we will supply all necessary galley and restaurant equipment and supplies to a regular or to an especially high standard. At the same time if you wish, to maximize your time, we will prepare your deck and engine stores and deliver your orders to any convenient port of call.

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