About Us


ELBA MARINE Ship Service was founded by experts with more than 25 years of experience in the shipping and ship supply industries. As a result, our company has an impressive portfolio of satisfied clients. Leveraging our extensive industry knowledge; contacts and proven competence into every aspect of our daily business means we are a reliable partner for your company and a trusted facilitator for your operations in the ship supply world.

We will efficiently, quickly and safely forward your supplies via airfreight, sea freight or by road to wherever you wish, ensuring the safe passage of cargo. Our experience of cooperating worldwide with manufacturers; transport companies and logistics experts gives us a dedicated communications advantage which we smoothly pass on to you. Thanks to our network of contacts throughout the maritime industry, we can purchase premium quality goods and services at rates which will, in turn, save you money.

CapSanDiegoAs a result, we are fully able to provide an impressive array of services for all of your ship supply requirements.

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As a German specialist supplier, it makes perfect sense to use our “local” expertise earned from supplying companies and individuals with services in and around the following German ports: Bremen, Bremerhaven, Lübeck, Travemünde, Wilhelmshaven, Kiel, Hamburg and Rostock – amongst many others.

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